A chilled out Christmas party

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Well, well, well... It's December, Christmas is nearing and we're all like overgrown children bursting with excitement. Yes, we're excited about Christmas and Santa, but we were bouncing off walls with excitement about our Christmas party! 

We all love a surprise and if you recall, every year it has been an exciting surprise that we were sure cannot be beaten...until the next year! What can I say, but the directors gave us yet another magical treat that we will never forget! 

Taking the surprise party tradition very seriously, two of our directors took this to whole new heights as they planned and executed the most epic of parties! It was the best kept secret from us and the other directors even as we were led in a convoy to the venue. We drove up an impressive driveway leading up to a big and beautiful house, surrounded by greenery on all sides and a pretty fountain on our right. With eyes wide open and jaws still hanging, we walked into the house and you could hear the echoes of gasps, speechlessness and shrieks of excitement all at once! It was already more than we had expected and we were convinced that the day just couldn’t get any better – but it did!

Accompanied by a glass of mulled wine or a warm cup of hot chocolate, we all gathered in the living room to be informed that we had full access of the house and the surrounding grounds as well as the hot tub. But far more exciting than that we were told that the day would begin with a pyjama party, and we had our specially chosen pyjamas laid out in our bedrooms accompanied by adorable slippers. We all adjourned and got changed before lounging around with access to fridges full of drinks, a table laden with glorious food, music in the air, everyone so chilled out and mingling.

We were all already loving it as there's nothing quite like lounging about in your PJs, drinking, eating, giggling, chatting and having random discussions with your family. To add to the fun day, we kept bumping into various random people throughout the day. There was a sketch artist that was sketching portraits of people, an amazing magician that kept blowing our minds with his incredible card tricks and out of nowhere we spotted the Grinch! Just when we thought this was the best party ever, suddenly we heard singing! We all looked surprised, confused and excited all at once! We jumped out of our seats and followed the music only to be greeted by three incredible Mexican singers in the kitchen! You just couldn't write any of this!

Finally by 6pm we were told to gather outside by the fire pit for yet another surprise! Eeek! We were all like kids running outside in our PJs. The surprise was revealed to us when a couple of doors swung open to...Narnia!!!! There was even the lamp post in the corner and... yes, Aslan himself! Walking through to Narnia in our PJs was truly magical and reliving our childhood dreams! Most of us got changed for the main party while some of us stayed in our PJs just because we can, and some others just chilled out in the hot tub.

The night ended with the dance floor opening to some great tunes from the DJ and even more incredible dancing from some alcohol-induced staff which provided heaps of fun whether you were watching or dancing along. We were blown away by the gratitude shown by our wonderful directors, this year and every year before, that we honestly can't imagine anyone being able to top this year's at all!

Below are just SOME of the images to allow you to have a peek at our incredible and best Christmas party yet!

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