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As you may have noticed many of our recent news feeds have been about winter and how installing a biomass boiler can keep your home nice and toasty while Jack Frost wreaks havoc outside. However, I am sure there’s at least one person reading this thinking: “Yes it’s all well and good to crank the heating up in the winter to gain my RHI but what about the summer?”

Well have I got glad tidings for you. All of the boilers that we sell at Treco have the option of weather compensation. What this basically means for you is that you won’t feel like a turkey roasting away slowly in your home during summer. That must be a good thing, right?! On the flip side, because your boiler would also be providing you with hot water, you would still be burning fuel. This means you would still be producing heat, and you still get PAID!

Weather compensation works by adjusting the amount of heat being sent to the radiators from your boiler in response to changes in temperature registered by a thermostat. It also helps your boiler achieve an optimum burn by regulating the amount of fuel being used compared to the needs of your home or business. Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life was as proactive as this? Just imagine a lovely cup of hot brew ready for you on your bedside table as soon as you opened your eyes from your deep slumber or your car starting itself so it’s toasty inside and de-icing all that thick ice off your windows. Aaahh…

Dreaming aside it’s easy to see that a biomass boiler isn’t just a winter buy, it’s a purchase that will benefit your home all-year-round, reduce your fuel bills and gain you RHI payments. What’s there not to love? So for all you forward thinkers out there come on and give us a call.

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