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And so here we are again... Blink and it's a year gone. Aren't we all a little more reflective and appreciative of all that we may have gone through when we're at the final crossroads?

This year has presented its fair amount of challenges, hoops for us to jump through, mud to tread through as well as our fair share of rose-strewn paths to walk down. We have taken everything in our stride and always had a smile whilst we may have been elbow deep in mud.

Throughout 2015, we have managed to retain all of our nearly-60 strong workforce, which given the stresses within the industry, is indeed an achievement! We are proud of our people as we strongly believe that we are only as good as the people we employ.

We are also (and still are) a very proud owner of our double-decker fun bus, sorry I meant exhibition bus. Yes, you read right. We have travelled across the breadth and width of the country, turning heads with our bus at every exhibition. We have shared many a coffee and chats on that bus, not forgetting forging many relationships and discussing various projects.

Looking ahead

We’re almost there... 2016 is just a hop, skip and a jump away. We’ve been reflective and ever so appreciative of the year we've had and whilst the industry has been feeling the stresses by various factors including the Autumn Spending Review, we are also peeking round the corner, curious as to the surprises, challenges and opportunities 2016 holds. Because we take pride in every single one of our employees who have worked tirelessly and form the backbone of Treco, we will continue investing heavily in training and development courses. We will also take the opportunity to review all processes and procedures and further improve our unrivalled support of our customers.

All of 11 years old, we're feeling just that little bit older and certainly a little wiser too.

We are raring to go and see the new year in, carrying along a sack full of lessons, experience, success, hope, determination and aspirations. Nothing’s going to stop us from marching on proudly. We’re also honoured to have gained so many loyal customers who will still be beaming like Cheshire cats with their biomass boilers for a while yet. And we’re proud we made it happen for them.

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