Drax power plant to go carbon negative by 2030

Carbon capture

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It has been announced today that the UK's largest power station Drax is planning on becoming carbon negative by 2030, meaning it plans to capture more carbon than it releases. The plant in North Yorkshire which produces 5% of the UK's power has already switched from coal to largely being powered by renewable fuel in the form of wood pellets, but the announcement to become carbon negative takes things ones step further in helping the country achieve it's net zero emission target.

Drax plans on achieving this in two ways. Firstly by only using pellets from sustainably farmed trees which capture carbon emissions as they grow. Secondly they will be installing carbon capture technology on the site to trap the emissions from burning wood. A pilot scheme on site is currently underway and proving successful, with plans of a roll out to two of its towers by the end of next decade which when completed will remove eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

More information can be found on the BBC news article.

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