Energy Now Expo 2016

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We are getting ourselves and our bus ready for the Energy Now Expo 2016 in Telford. Really can't believe that it was only last year that we graced Energy Now with our first appearance of the double decker bus! We were so excited and bursting with pride of our newly refurbished bus - a year later and it's STILL how we roll!

We are looking forward our first year anniversary of taking our little beauty on her first road trip - she's seen some lovely places and welcomed some curious people, and she still happy to comply for more rad trips.

The Energy Now Expo will also be an exciting time for the whole of the industry as we witness the launch of Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR), that we last wrote about. This exciting scheme will now allow the tens of thousands of tonnes of previously unavailable biomass to be used in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accredited projects. This will most certainly open up the flood gates to allow a range of fuel type to be utilised including miscanthus grass, straw, grass, bracken and food wastes (such as used coffee grounds). In order to help to reduce the amount of straw, and other residues, either being exported for a low price or discarded, SFR will now provide additional routes to market for these products.

February will mark the beginning of things to come for everyone. Only good times ahead.

Come and visit us on Stand 46 at the Telford International Centre on February 10-11, 2016 and we can sit, have a cuppa and chat biomass and district heating to your heart's content.

Do you have a biomass or low carbon project?

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