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We have just added a new and improved version of the Treco RHI calculator to the website, which you can now download.

This easy-to-use spreadsheet allows you to input the installed cost of a biomass boiler system and enables a comparison to be done based against the cost of oil, LPG or electricity and the fuel cost savings that you can expect from switching to a wood burning boiler. The RHI calculator also shows your potential RHI payments and the payback period from the investment in a biomass boiler system. The figures are expressed in both annual terms and as a total for the duration of the scheme, index linked to inflation.

Although the calculator uses default settings for project value of £65,000, the cost of borrowing at 6% and some average prices on biomass fuels, you can amend all of these elements to give you a good idea of how you can benefit from the scheme over 20 years. For instructions on how to use the calculator, click here.

For example, a country estate with main house and offices using a 198kW wood burning boiler system would receive upwards of £20,000 and a farm house with holiday lets using 100kW log boiler system would earn £10,000 or more per annum for the 20-year duration of the scheme.

Treco has now gained accreditation for a large number of our wood burning boiler clients, so do get in touch if we can help. Treco also offers a full RHI application service and can manage the whole of your boiler application for you, so you can relax and watch the payments come in over the 20-year duration of the scheme. Contact us today and we’ll tell you all about it.

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