The first 'fat boy' container arrives

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We took delivery today of the first of our 'Fat Boy' shipping containers today, ready for the biomass boiler, fuel store, flue system, buffer tank, expansion vessel, system pumps, all components and pipe work to be pre installed, ready to drop onto site.

The Fat Boy example extends the standard 2.4m width with an extra 1.06m x 6m (extended 20 foot high cube) or 1.06 x 9m (extended 30 foot high cube) or 1.06m x 12m (extended 40 foot high cube).

The sizes have been specially designed to fall under a 3.5m width as above this size, the container would need transport with an escort.

Having the biomass heating system pre-fitted makes Treco’s containers versatile, fast and easy to install, as they just need to be dropped onto a concrete base. This option can therefore represent significantly less capital expenditure than undertaking building works. Once in place on site, only the main connections to the site’s plumbing and electrics need to be made, along with underground insulated pipe runs to connect any additional buildings.

For RHI purposes, containerised solutions can be extremely beneficial to the client. If none of the system’s pipework is shared between multiple buildings, each individual building that the boiler serves becomes a separate site.

This enables the client to apply separately for RHI for each building, which maximises payments returns and enables easy control of the expenditure per building. This is appealing to poultry farms, where there may be a requirement to heat several separate chicken sheds.

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