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It’s that time of year again when colleagues get together and have a merry at the Christmas party. Well, we were of course a stickler for tradition and so had a party arranged too.

We were certain there was no way that last year's Christmas party could be topped at all. Oh how wrong we were! This year’s party not only topped it, but surpassed all expectations on all levels!

Everyone loves a surprise, don’t they? Well, the directors took this to whole new heights as they planned and executed the most epic of parties. It was the best kept secret even as we were led in a convoy to the venue. Little did we expect to be driving down the impressive grounds of Muddifords Court Country House with eyes wide open and jaws dropped, echoed by gasps, speechlessness and shrieks of excitement! It was already more than we had expected and we were convinced that the day just couldn’t get any better – but it did!

We all received a personalised Christmas stocking filled with loads of goodies, welcome drinks and a room peppered with fun games for everyone to enjoy playing together. It was a great atmosphere as everyone was mingling, chatting, drinking, playing and laughing lots.

If all of that was not adequate enough, we soon discovered that in addition to the perfectly laid tables by our wonderful directors, they were actually slaving in the kitchen to prepare us all some wonderful home cooked Christmas dinner, sandwiched by a delicious starter and some scrumptious desserts! Having all the five directors make a constant beeline for the kitchen and back out again balancing a plate in each hand as they served each and every one of us was such a treat and so heart-warming to say the least.

As all the ladies adjourned after dinner to freshen up and get all dolled up, the men stayed to officially open the free bar and enjoy more chats. The night ended with the dancefloor opening to some incredible singing from The Piano Factor and even more incredible dancing from some alcohol-induced staff which provided heaps of fun whether you were watching or dancing along.

We had such a magical Christmas that left us feeling so warm inside as it was the biggest family gathering we have ever attended and the best part of it was that no one fell out with each other – if anything, there were more hugs and kisses by the end of the night.

We have been blown away by the gratitude shown by our directors in many varying styles over the years and can’t even begin to imagine how they’re going to top this year’s!

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