Key Facts

Project Included:

  • 2 x Guntamatic Powerchip 99kW boilers.
  • 5,000 litre thermal store.
  • Distribution pipework including internal connections to heat exchangers.

Fuel Consumption:

  • 54 tonnes of wood pellets, per annum. (Based on 198kW boiler, in a similar application)

Fuel Cost Saving:

  • Wood pellets; 20-40% vs heating oil. (Source; Biomass Energy Centre)

CO2 Saving:

  • Up to 96% or 88 tonnes vs heating oil. (Source; Biomass Energy Centre)

RHI Payments:

  • A project of this size would gain an average of £21,854 every year for 20 years, index linked to inflation.

Total Project Price:

  • £110,000

Payback Period:

  • 3-4 years (combining RHI income & fuel cost saving).

(*Financial information not specific to this project – figures are based on an average of several typical projects of this size. Current information on RHI payments for guidance only, not to be considered a guarantee).

The System:

  • Guntamatic Powerchip 198kW cascaded biomass boiler heating system.
  • Runs on wood pellets, wood chips, grain or miscanthus.
  • Supplies heating and hot water to 29-bedroom hotel.

The Result:

  • Biomass Fuel Cost Saving; 40-80% Wood chips or pellets, compared to heating oil. (Source, Biomass Energy Centre)
  • CO2 Reduced; Up to 96% or 88 tonnes, per annum. (Source, Biomass Energy Centre)
  • Financial Benefit; Fuel cost saving and RHI income to be reinvested to reduce overheads and support future growth. A project of this size would gain an average of £21,854 every year for 20 years, index linked to inflation.

Biomass Plant Room Schematic Download

Treco project managed the installation smoothly and worked well with our in house heating engineer. We are so pleased with the system that have already purchased two further systems for another hotel.

Keith Eaton

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Gwesty’r Emlyn Hotel - Project Background

The Hotel

Gwesty’r Emlyn Hotel in Carmarthenshire offers 29 stylish guest bedrooms and a function suite. The rooms have been recently refurbished to an impeccably high standard and have been individually decorated.

The Requirement

With guest comfort being paramount, the hotel wanted to be able to provide ample supplies of heating and hot water at a manageable budget. They had been previously using heating oil, which had become prohibitively expensive. The owners wanted to replace the ageing oil boiler with a modern, high efficiency biomass boiler system and approached Treco.

Project Summary

The client was responsible for the construction of the boiler house, fuel store and all downstream works. Treco installed and commissioned the biomass boiler, working with the client’s heating engineer to connect to the current system.

• Two top-of-the-range 99kW Guntamatic Powerchip biomass boilers in cascade.
• Biomass boiler linked to existing heating and hot water system.
• 5,000 litre thermal store.
• 3.5m agitator and 3.5m auger to enable a large fuel store to minimise fills.
• Fully automated fuel delivery system.
• High efficiency, low energy modulating main system pump.
• 1 x class 2 RHI eligible ultrasonic heat meters complete with certification.
• Consumer Interface Unit and heat exchanger assemblies.
• Full assistance with RHI application including schematic drawings.
• Commissioning, programming and end user training.

Technical Details

Specifications (per boiler);

• Heat output from 22 to 99kW.
• Dimensions; 1,875w x 1,845h x 980d (mm).
• Weight; 865kg (not including 75kg feed auger).
• Fuel; wood chips or pellets, grain, miscanthus.
• Boiler output; perfect modulation at up to 96% efficiency from 22%-100% of output.
• Moving step grate allows the boiler to cope with a wide variation in fuel quality.
• Boiler temperature; 60-80oC.
• Return flow temp. regulated to protect boiler.
• Water capacity; 256 Litres.

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