Second-hand biomass boilers

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been supporting the installation of commercial biomass boilers for over five years now, with approximately 16,000 systems currently receiving RHI payments. In addition to new projects, second-hand biomass boilers can be eligible for RHI too.

The government, being aware that businesses change, move, and sometimes cease trading, designed the RHI scheme to allow boilers to be moved or to change hands. When the boiler is moved or sold the tariff remains at the level of the original install.

As the RHI payments were higher at the start of the scheme than current levels it can, in certain circumstances, be beneficial for new projects to consider a used biomass boiler with a higher tariff rather than a new biomass boiler.

Of course this is also beneficial for the seller who has invested in a low carbon technology and is able to sell on the system at a higher price than would have been the case without the transferred tariff.

With over 700 systems sold and working, Treco is well-placed to help with the sale, the move and the install of used biomass boilers, and indeed at any time, have a number of customers interested in the opportunity of purchasing a second-hand biomass boiler for sale.

So if you are interested in either selling, moving or purchasing a biomass boiler with RHI accreditation please call us or fill in the form with your details and we'll call you back at a time that suits you.

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