What is our commercial RHI calculator?


This easy to use spreadsheet allows you to input the installed cost of a biomass boiler system and shows your potential commercial RHI payments, fuel savings and the payback from the investment. The figures are expressed in both annual terms and as a total for the 20-year duration of the scheme.

As a guide, an estate with main house and offices with a 198kW biomass system would enjoy payments of approximately £15,000. A farm house with its own holiday lets using a 100kW system would receive approximately £7,000 or more per annum for the 20-year duration of the scheme.

To use Treco's commercial RHI calculator....

1. Enter the output of the system in kW.

2. Enter the total installed cost of the project.*

3. Choose the fossil fuel currently used.

4. Choose the biomass fuel type.

5. View summary of results which indicate carbon savings, net project cashflow, discounted cashflow and the payback period of the project.

6. Review your results and change variables such as the cost of biomass fuel or the cost of borrowing.

*If you do not know what the installed cost of your biomass boiler system may be, please call Treco or email us and we will be pleased to help.

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