Dedicated Project Management

Once you have agreed your biomass boiler installation and first stage payments are made, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager for the duration of your project. 

A system design and project plan will be developed to contain all aspects of and specifications for your installation. Your project manager will organise technical support and order each and every component needed for use within the system.

They will manage teams of electricians, plumbers, subcontractors, trenching engineers, heat main installers, safely oversee general building works and be your day to day point of contact.


We'll manage supplier lead times, working back from your requirements to determine delivery dates. Your Project Manager will liaise with all parties to develop detailed work schedules and a comprehensive list of all equipment and components required. A project timeline and milestones for delivery, along with all handling requirements will be finalised and arrangements made for suitable lifting facilities on site.

Accredited Installation and Commissioning 

Throughout the installation, your Project Manager will be a hub for all parties updated on key milestones.

Upon delivery, the boiler, ancillary equipment and all associated parts will be sited, installed and connected in accordance with the schematics provided and agreed upon at the design stage.

Our team appreciates the need for flexibility throughout the project lifecycle and will do everything in our control to help you meet your specifications.

On satisfactory and safe completion of works, the new boiler and associated equipment will be filled, flushed, refilled and tested and prepared for commissioning.

Client Handover and Training

During the commissioning process, the boiler will be configured to your specification and the fuel of your choice. All associated pumps, valves and controls will be tested for function and set up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications.

The boiler system will then be function and performance tested and checked for RHI metering compliance prior to the scheduled Independent Metering Report (IMR).

We would then take this opportunity to give full client demonstration and training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the newly installed equipment. This will include day to day operation and general maintenance required at customer level.

On completion of the commissioning/training process, the final invoice will be raised.  Upon payment of the final invoice, you will then receive your Commissioning Certification Pack.  This includes the Commissioning Certificate, Warranty Form, Project Completion Form and Training Documentation and all Installation/Operations and Maintenance Manuals. If an RHI application is part of your quote you will be forwarded to the RHI Coordinator, who will liaise with you throughout this process.

RHI Application Support Service

We can help accelerate your RHI application for a Treco biomass boiler system and supply the right equipment. We have installed and managed a large number of 100% successful RHI applications and understand OFGEM’s criteria in depth.

Treco supports installations with two RHI Application packages: 

  • Basic Support: Assistance in making your application. We will brief you on the information and documentation required and assist you in making your application.
  • Full Support: Treco takes responsibility for and manages the entirety of your RHI application. This includes liaison with IMR engineers, scheduling metering surveys, processing of all information and handing over an active RHI account.

Maintenance and Biomass Customer Support Services


Annual services are an important factor in maintaining your boiler's performance and efficiency. We offer a servicing, maintenance and ongoing technical support contract for all Treco-installed boilers.

If you have a technical or service schedule question regarding your biomass boiler system's installation, call us on 0845 130 9012 and choose “option 3” to be connected to our Biomass Customer Support team.

In the event of a breakdown or any urgent technical assistance required out-of-hours, please call the number above and our messaging service will provide the number of an on-call engineer. We will aim to resolve your issue via telephone support in the first instance, with attendance on site if required.

Component Replacement, Parts and Spares

Austrian manufacturer Guntamatic have been designing and producing biomass boilers for over 50 years. Their ongoing Research and Development in fuel combustion efficiency has helped them deliver one of the world's most efficient ranges of biomass boilers.

Replacement components are available from Treco, with factory dispatch from Guntamatic as required. As they manufacture all of their own boiler components, the availability of direct replacements is straightforward for us to arrange and parts are guaranteed to be available for a twenty-year period.

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