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Communication is essential to the success of every project, so it all starts with a conversation. As a first step, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve, so we can ensure that the biomass heating system we propose will meet your requirements.

We will discuss your project, how many buildings you wish to heat and your current levels of fossil fuel usage. From this, we can determine the size of the system required and make a basic assessment of your eligibility for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Visit an Operational Biomass Boiler Installation

We always recommend a visit to an operational biomass boiler site to give context to your project. Having managed over 500 successful projects nationwide since 2005, we are more than likely to have a Treco installation operational in your area and will happily take you to visit one.

During the site visit, you will see for yourself the size of the whole system’s footprint and how the boiler, buffer tank and pipework fit and work together. You will see the fuel store’s location, how it is filled and the route of any insulated underground pipe runs. The site visit will also answer any questions you may have regarding the access required for fuel delivery vehicles, including the turning circle, or how a year's supply of wood chips can be chipped straight into a fuel store.

During the site visit, we'll leave you alone with the person that uses the boiler. Having a conversation with them will give you a very good idea of their experience and an idea of the experience you may have with your project. They will tell you the best places they have found to source good quality woodfuel, how they get on with the boiler and what it was like to work with Treco. They can give you the benefit of their experience with OFGEM and administration of their RHI account.

Treco's Commercial RHI Calculator

Treco’s Commercial RHI Calculator is a tool we developed in house to help demonstrate the fuel cost savings, potential RHI payments and payback you can expect from your biomass boiler project.

All you have to do is enter the boiler size in kW, then enter the total installed cost of the project followed by the fossil fuel currently used and the biomass fuel type you would like to use.

The calculator then displays a summary of results which indicate carbon savings, net project cashflow, discounted cashflow and the anticipated payback period of the project. All figures supplied are index linked to inflation and include the cost of finance, where required.

You can then save your results and change variables such as the cost of biomass fuel or the cost of borrowing. We can also provide information on potential sources of finance, although we don’t provide the financing directly.

Treco's Domestic RHI Calculator

Treco’s Domestic RHI Calculator is in exactly the same format as our Commercial version. It shows the same model, but at a rate of 12.2p per kWh for a biomass boiler over 7 years and we expect it to be deemed rather than metered.

For example, a house with a 20kW heat load moving from oil to wood pellets would gain a payback of £3,206 per annum, save £965 a year on fuel costs and pay for itself within 3- 4 years.

This version is very much just for guidance just now and must not be considered a guarantee. We expect that the nature of the scheme, and its criteria for eligibility, may change again before the scheme launches in Summer 2014.

Detailed Estimate

In order to give you a detailed estimate of what your project may require, we initially need to establish which fossil fuel you currently use and your usage levels. This gives us an indication of the size of system that may be required.

We'll talk to you about the space you have and advise you on the advantages, relative cost savings and best ways to access different types of woodfuel. The RHI Calculators we have developed can be used to demonstrate the fuel cost savings, potential RHI payments and payback you can expect from your biomass boiler project.

We'll try to get a sense of the layout of your site, where your fuel store could be located, how many buildings you would like to heat and discuss your requirements, plans or drawings.

Once we have a good understanding of your project, a detailed estimate for the total price of your project is available on request.

Free Site Survey

Although we can provide you with a detailed estimate, our qualified and experienced in house surveyors will need to visit your proposed project’s site before we can produce a comprehensive Total Project Proposal.

Prior to the site survey visit, we'll be in touch to run through a Survey Checklist so that we can arrive on site fully prepared.

During the visit, they will undertake a full site assessment, taking detailed notes and accurate measurements. These will include the existing heating system, distance and access to facilities such as power and water, to the boiler and the fuel store or to other buildings proposed for inclusion in the heating system.

The information, photos, measurements and drawings they bring back to the office allow us to undertake feasibility studies, prepare installation designs, schedules and specifications. They will undertake head load and heat loss calculations to ensure the correct sizing of your heating system. If required, they will also calculate the appropriate sizing of the fuel store, provide an estimate of the cubic capacity and an indication of fuel supply requirements.

They can also make recommendations on standards and procedures related to specifications, participate in Quality Assurance reviews, perform Risk Assessments and give you the benefit of up to date Health and Safety regulations.

This input from the surveyors following the free site survey enables our project management team to ensure that your project is successfully and accurately engineered.

In House CAD Design

Our in house design team will then prepare installation CAD drawings, to be included in a detailed proposal. This will provide information regarding the scope of the installation, give you an opportunity for input, help in the distribution of information to your sub-contractors and assist where you may need to gain planning permission. Treco can also offer heat metering schematics in support of your RHI application.

Detailed System Proposal

We will then prepare a Detailed System Proposal for your consideration. This will contain all drawings and the relevant costing of the complete project and works.

Project Agreed, Order Placed

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