After care, fuel & maintenance packages

Annual services are an important factor in maintaining your biomass boiler’s performance, reliability and longevity. In addition, it not only complies with the RHI regulations, but it also maximises your system's efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and overall running costs.

Maintenance, servicing & customer support

Having installed hundreds of projects over the past 10 years, Treco understands the importance of servicing and maintaining biomass systems. Each of these systems should be serviced and maintained annually to enable maximum efficiency, reliability and longevity.

With a wide range of installation types in its portfolio including country estates, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, social housing, leisure centres, council offices, manufacturing plants, process heat, commercial glasshouses and industrial drying systems, and various others, Treco fully understands the need to provide a service and maintenance package that is tailored to your specific needs.

Treco is the sole UK importer and distributor of the Guntamatic range of biomass systems, as such is the only company to be able to supply genuine Guntamatic spare parts, as well as provide manufacturer-approved servicing and training, whether it be through the company or an official partner.

In addition to this, Treco’s engineers have extensive experience with biomass boilers from a number of other manufacturers, and is therefore able to undertake servicing to ensure the system is safe, reliable and operating efficiently. If you’re not already an existing customer but would like to benefit from Treco’s in depth experience and have a tailored servicing and maintenance contract, do get in touch.

Component replacement, parts & spares

What Treco has to offer

  • Tailored service and maintenance packages to suit individual customer’s needs at a competitive rate
  • Nationwide coverage through Treco or official partner companies that have undergone in-house and manufacturer-based training
  • Remote monitoring and telephone support with fully trained engineers
  • Full diagnostics tools for systems
  • Full range of UK based genuine spares for all systems
  • Comprehensively equipped vans with all common spare parts
  • Performance optimisation and combustion analysis
  • Heat meter operational check
  • Flue inspection and sweeping
  • Report detailing works undertaken and any further remedial actions required
  • Software updates
  • Additional commissioning and new

Key benefits of servicing & maintaining your biomass boiler

  • Annual servicing is mandatory to comply with RHI regulations
  • Maximise RHI returns
  • Maximise system efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and costs
  • Comply with manufacturer’s warranty terms
  • Extended boiler and part life – protects your investment and reduces one-off spare parts costs
  • Increased reliability which ensures any downtime of the boiler is kept to a minimum
  • Is a requirement to comply with your insurance policy

Pay as you go service

Servicing, maintenance and breakdown visits are available on a pay as you go (PAYG) basis. This applies to customers outside of their parts and/or labour warranty, or works not covered by the warranty. Service and maintenance cost for PAYG customers is detailed below for single systems. Discounts are available on sites where multiple boilers are present.

As a PAYG customer, access to breakdown engineers and technical support is available weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. Should there be an issue outside of these hours, customers have the option of dropping an email to our dedicated customer service team who will address it as soon as they're back in the office at 9am.

However if you sign up to a service and maintenance package for the year, you'll benefit from technical support from your very own breakdown engineer right away.

Additional services

Service visit uplift – Additional service visits can be added to your chosen package.

Maintenance visit uplift – Additional maintenance visits can be added to your chosen package.

Additional boiler training – Available for customers as refreshers for their systems, or training for new operatives of the boiler.

Commissioning visits for – Available for customers changing the type of fuel in their systems and new fuel specification would like the boiler settings to be set to optimise burn efficiency.

Bespoke spares package – Available for customers who would like to keep wearing parts on site. Typically used by customers with commercial systems that have high run hours.

RHI applications – We are able to undertake the full RHI application on your behalf or and amendments carry out amendments to an existing application.

Do you have a technical or service question?

Our customer support team are on hand to help

01884 250 790

Managing your fuel supply

The right type and quality of wood fuel is fundamental to the successful, consistent and long-term functioning of your biomass boiler. We have a whole section to help you understand the characteristics of good quality fuel and where to find quality assured suppliers in your area.

Managing & selling your biomass boiler

The government, being aware that businesses change, move, and sometimes cease trading, designed the RHI scheme to allow boilers to be moved or to change hands. When the boiler is moved or sold the tariff remains at the level of the original install.

As the RHI payments were higher at the start of the scheme than current levels it can, in certain circumstances, be beneficial for new projects to consider a used biomass boiler with a higher tariff rather than a new biomass boiler.

So if you are interested in either selling, moving or purchasing a used biomass boiler with RHI accreditation, you have come to the right place.

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