The life of a typical project

If you have always wondered how a typical project is dealt with here at Treco, we have assembled this page to help you understand. We can guarantee you that whatever your project or industry, you can always trust Treco to provide you with the right energy solution for every application.

From biomass boilers and heat distribution to CHP and district heating, we are determined to deliver the optimum engineering solution. Our ability to understand and develop your initial concept into reality is made possible by our outstanding capabilities to provide innovative engineering solutions. With a strong belief in bringing the right solution to the right application, we will never compromise our integrity by supplying a technical solution that is inappropriate to your requirements. This strong ethos is one of many that defines us as a company.

Starting out from a blank canvas, we work closely with you to understand your project before designing and installing the best technologies, and ultimately the best solution that will deliver significant CO₂ and financial savings.

Solutions development

Based on an in depth survey and heat demand calculations, we ensure the best and most appropriate technology is selected. Once in contract, you will be assigned your very own Project Manager who will take the stress off you with every aspect of the project.

 Stage overview:

  • Full free site survey
  • Demand assessment
  • Comprehensive project proposal
  • Project Manager assigned
  • Financial incentive applications

Planning & design

Be it to reduce CO₂ emissions or to save on fuel costs, we understand your need for a system that will deliver multiple benefits for your business. Driven by your mission, we work to design practical solutions utilising the most appropriate technologies.

 Backed by a team of highly experienced engineers and project managers, we will design your complete energy system. We will also liaise closely with you regarding the work schedule and ensure a firm completion date is negotiated.

 Stage overview:

  • Estimating cost savings and ROI
  • Comprehensive AutoCAD layout drawings
  • H&S planning & auditing
  • Planning & procurement
  • Detailed delivery and work schedule

Installation & support

During the installation, your Project Manager will work closely with you as soon as work on site commences to ensure there is minimal disruption to the daily running of your business. It is essential you understand your system upon completion, which is why we will also ensure you are fully trained to operate it while also offering you full customer support.

 Stage overview:

  • Installation of chosen system
  • Financial incentive applications
  • Testing, commissioning & training

Service & maintenance

Treco specialises in ensuring your risks are reduced significantly over the lifetime of your system. It’s not enough to install the best technology which will deliver the optimal benefit, we also ensure your investment is protected, your returns maximised and your insurance policy requirement complied to.


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Performance optimisation and combustion analysis
  • Software updates and full diagnostic tools
  • Additional commissioning and new operator training
  • Discounted spare parts

Get an idea of costs and the right solution for you

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Other things you may consider

Dawlish Leisure Centre Boiler Room

Visit an operational biomass boiler installation

We always recommend a visit to an operational biomass boiler site to give context to your project. Having managed over 700 successful projects nationwide since 2005, we are more than likely to have a Treco installation operational in your area and will happily take you to visit one.

During the site visit, you will see for yourself the size of the whole system’s footprint and how the boiler, buffer tank and pipework fit and work together. You will see the fuel store’s location, how it is filled and the route of any insulated underground pipe runs. The site visit will also answer any questions you may have regarding the access required for fuel delivery vehicles, including the turning circle, or how a year’s supply of wood chips can be chipped straight into a fuel store.

During the site visit, you'll get the opportunity to have a conversation with the owner of the system. This will give you a very good idea of their experience and an idea of the experience you may have with your project. They will tell you the best places they have found to source good quality wood fuel, how they get on with the boiler and what it was like to work with Treco. They can give you the benefit of their experience with Ofgem and administration of their RHI account.

Calculator with money pennies

Treco’s non-domestic RHI calculator

Treco’s commercial RHI calculator is a tool we developed in-house to help demonstrate the fuel cost savings, potential RHI payments and payback you can expect from your biomass boiler project.

All you have to do is enter the boiler size in kW, then enter the total installed cost of the project, followed by the fossil fuel currently used and the biomass fuel type you would like to use.

The calculator then displays a summary of results which indicate carbon savings, net project cashflow, discounted cashflow and the anticipated payback period of the project. All figures supplied are index linked to inflation and include the cost of finance, where required.

You can then save your results and change variables such as the cost of biomass fuel or the cost of borrowing. We can also provide information on potential sources of finance, although we do not provide the financing directly.

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