Low Carbon Heating Boilers

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Our low carbon technologies

We have a range of low carbon technologies that will either work well as a stand alone solution or combined to offer the optimum result for your needs. Feel free to browse through each section or give us a call and we'll be able to offer the best solution for your project.

Biomass boilers

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Biomass boilers produce heat by burning biological material from a renewable and sustainable source. Virgin wood is the most common type, but the appropriate biomass boiler can also use waste as a source of fuel.

Combined Heat & Power

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) can be used to generate electric and heat by burning biomass or fossil fuel. Sites that have a high and continuous heat and electric demand will benefit the most from this technology through fuel savings.

Drying systems

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Biomass boilers can be utilised with a drying system to dry products such as crops and wood to increase their value, or alternatively to lower the weight of waste prior to disposal by evaporating water. This is classified as process heat, with some of these being an approved use on the RHI scheme.

District heating

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District heating schemes allow multiple buildings to be supplied heat by a single boiler, thus enabling large savings in installation and operating. These schemes become progressively more cost effective with increased amounts of buildings that are connected.

Treco's RHI calculator

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Try our RHI calculator to work out the fuel cost savings, potential RHI payments & payback you can expect from you biomass project. Developed in house by us, all you have to do is enter your boiler size, installed cost, current fossil fuel usage and your preferred biomass fuel type.

Buying, selling & moving existing biomass boilers

Due to recent changes in the government RHI rates, an older boiler can give you a more lucrative pay back tariff.

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Biomass & low carbon

How we deliver your project


Briefing & site survey

To determine your project requirements


System specification

Complete system specification and costing


Incentives & finance

RHI and other Incentives advice and finance options


Installation & time scales

What happens when and how will my site look?


After care system services

Maintenance, fuel advice and managing your asset

Using the right quality of fuel is fundamental

Biomass fuel advice & supply

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