Consultancy, re-commissioning and training

Treco have been in operation for around 15 years and in that time have developed a team of experienced engineers and designers who are equipped to support not only our existing customers, but welcome contact from new clients. Through these years we have learned what works and what doesn't and are very keen to ensure this knowledge is available to everyone through our consultancy services. Treco offer the following range of services:

System design and specification

Treco have designed, supplied and installed over 700 biomass systems nationally. Our experience, expertise and longevity puts us at the forefront of the industry. Treco offer design services as standard for all of our installations however we are also able to offer our design services as a stand-alone package.

Our core business is Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) engineering consultancy. We provide consultancy services to architects, project managers, end users, developers, main contractors, M&E services contractors, and anybody that may require our advice or design services.

Our designers have access to a wide range of the latest modelling and computer design software to ensure design accuracy and efficiency.

We specialise in biomass and district heating schemes.

We can provide full M&E specification design packs inclusive of

  • Design drawings
  • Specification schedules
  • Specification documents
  • Design calculations
  • Modelling reports

If you need help with putting together the requirements for a tender or want to expand your current system then our team can advise.

Changes to an existing system

Should you wish to incorporate additional heat demands on to you current system, or install a new boiler as additional capacity then Treco can assist. We can design and undertake the works required to extend or modify an existing scheme full package from start to end (consultation, design, installation, commissioning).

When changes have been made to an existing system, the RHI application will need to be updated. Treco have an RHI Coordinator who will be able to assist you with the entire process.

Fault finding and efficiency reports

If you are experiencing a fault with your biomass boiler then Treco can assist. We have a team of breakdown engineers who have experience with a range of biomass boilers.

Treco understand that the efficiency of a system is crucial in terms of not only ensuring a reliable heating system, but also one that is cost effective. We can calculate the efficiency that the system is running at and suggest any changes which can improve this. We do this by cross referencing fuel input with system end usages and identifying any any user end connections which may have poor control or communication issues.


Treco have a team of commissioning engineers who have experience with a range of biomass boilers.

  • System recommissioning - we undertake this if any modifications are made to the system
  • Boiler recommissioning - we undertake this if the boiler settings have been altered, or if the client wishes to change fuel


As standard Treco offer a training session with all installations, however we can offer additional training packages should it be required. If you require a refresher course, would like to train more of your own operatives or have bought a property with an existing installation then Treco can prepare a package suitable to your requirements.

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