North Devon Hospital Trust

Keen to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint, The Trust opted for a containerised biomass solution for three of its hospitals

Key Facts


  • Bideford Hospital
  • Holsworthy Hospital
  • Barnstaple Hospital

Project included

Fully containerised 250kW biomass boiler plant room and fuel store at each hospital

Fuel consumption

Approximately 500 tonne per annum in total for all 3 hospitals

RHI Payments

Approximately £85,000 per annum in total for all 3 hospitals

Fuel cost saving

Approximately £30,000 per annum in total for all 3 hospitals

CO₂ saving

Approximately 300 tonnes per annum in total for all 3 hospitals

Total project cost

£520,000 in total for all 3 hospitals


North Devon District Hospital is an NHS district general hospital in the town of Barnstaple, North Devon, England run by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust provides acute and community services across northern Devon, and some specialist services across Devon. The teams of care professionals at NDHT work with patients and their families to promote people's health, well-being and independence.

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The challenge

We were approached in late 2014 by Cynergin, price for the design, supply and installation of three containerised biomass plant rooms. Each container would house a 250kW Lindner & Sommerauer wood chip boiler and fuel store and associated parts.

Installing a new heating system into a working hospital presented Treco with a number of challenges, mainly ensuring that the hospital always had heat so could remain operational at all times. This required extensive communication with the Hospital and a degree of out of hours working.

With regards to design, as space was at a premium in the containers, we had to design the plant room as efficiently as possible in order to maximise the fuel store space and therefore minimise fuel deliveries to site.

Our custom solution

The containers were installed in three different hospitals in the North Devon Hospital Trust: Bideford, Holsworthy & Barnstaple. Trecos’ scope of work included the supply and installation of the containers and delivery to site. All downstream works were carried out by Cynergin’s M&E contractors.

Our solution to the tender was to create a package plant room that could be fitted at our Tiverton offices before being delivered to site, minimising disruption to the Hospitals.

More information about the types of systems in our range can be found on the biomass boilers page.

The incentive

The Trust was keen to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

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