12 ways to speed up your biomass boiler’s RHI accreditation

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We’re really pleased to see that calls to the Ofgem RHI helpline are up by around 90% and RHI applications have increased from January to March, in comparison to October to December. The quantity of accreditations is up by 38%.

Treco and our partners have now gained accreditation for 53 biomass boiler projects, by managing the applications on their behalf. During the process of submitting application after application, we’ve found out a thing or two about how to quickly gain acceptance.

The application process for biomass boilers is becoming increasingly more streamlined and applications are taking an average of 30 days If you would like to find out more, contact us today.

Prior to making your RHI application

1. Make sure that your biomass boiler installation meets all of Ofgem's;s Eligibility Requirements, which you can find here.

2. You will need to hang on to all of the biomass boiler manufacturer’s documentation, from commissioning certificates, to ensure you can prove that the installation was undertaken correctly and that it was installed after July 15 2009.

3. You must ensure that your biomass boiler system, including RHI compliant heat meters, has been installed by a company or individual trained, competent and experienced in the RHI’s requirements e.g.:

  • an experienced and suitably qualified engineer;
  • has experience and expertise in flow measurement and heat/steam measurement systems demonstrated by training and development records;
  • has a relevant background in energy, utilities, building services, heating system design, heating system operation & maintenance;
  • is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance of at least £1 million; and
  • is unbiased and impartial.

4. Where an Independent Metering Report is required, make sure that your contract needs it to meet Ofgem's requirements.

5. Make sure you complete the application in full as any missing data will result in your application being returned and will slow down the time it takes for you to gain accreditation and to start receiving payments for using your biomass boiler.

6. All meter readings need to be sent in accurately and in kilowatt hours (kWh). You’ll also need to supply the required information regarding your heat meter’s model and the manufacturer.

7. You’ll need to supply photographs showing the meters and their serial numbers.

8. Supply Ofgem with a photo of the biomass boiler information plate and commissioning report or certificate.

9. The right and consistent supporting documents are a further requirement and must be legible so that Ofgem can verify your information is consistent.

Following your application

10. We need to verify your identity and bank details. These must be posted to us and can’t be uploaded electronically. Ofgem must be able to check your bank details, which must be sent by post and the Ofgem online system will not allow you to upload electronically.

11. Keep your official RHI number safe as you’ll be required to quote it in all correspondence, along with your login details for both ease of access and security.

12. Do refer to this checklist as every time Ofgem has to question something, there will be delays in either your application or in your receiving payments.

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