Changes to the RHI ongoing obligations for biomass boiler servicing

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The government has now issued their response to a recent consultation document in relation to ensuring the sustainability of the the non-domestic RHI moving forward.. This detailed changes to the entire RHI scheme that would be implemented to increase its efficiency over its remaining duration in order to maximise it's contributions to carbon savings. A number of changes are to be implemented, with the main one impacting those with biomass boilers being changes to maintenance standards that must be adhered to. The efficient running of a biomass system can reduce costs to the consumer, but also have a significant impact on reducing emissions. Historically servicing as per the manufacturers recommendations has been an ongoing obligation of those on the RHI, though no real checks have been in place to ensure this is being undertaken. To maximise the reduction in emissions the government will introduce a new requirement for participants using biomass boilers to have annual servicing carried out, and compliance with this policy will be something which is checked once a year as part of the annual declaration all account holders must complete. Should participants fail to comply with the mandatory annual servicing then enforcement action can take place where Ofgem can pause RHI payments and even recoup payments for the period that the servicing ongoing obligations were not adhered to.

Setting the above aside, biomass boiler servicing is an important factor in maintaining your system performance, reliability and longevity. It helps lower your running costs by reducing the likelihood of call outs, and increases system efficiency which lowers your fuel costs. Having installed hundreds of projects over the past 15 years, Treco understands the importance of servicing and maintaining biomass boiler systems and undertake them on a pay as you go or contract basis. We have extensive experience with working on a wide range of boilers, so contact us today to discuss your servicing requirements.

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