How to save up to 80% on your fuel costs with wood chips

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If you have your own woodland, or source of wood fuel, hiring a contract chipper to chip fuel straight into a fuel store can represent fuel cost savings of up to 80%, compared to heating oil, LPG or electricity. If you buy in wood chip the saving is usually around 40%-50%.

At the 100kW level, this can represent indicative savings of up to £6,000 or more and, at 198kW, we would expect a fuel cost saving or around the £12,000 a year mark.

So if you also gain accreditation into the Renewable Heat Incentive for your biomass boiler, the RHI payments at 100kW and 198kW would be £11,300 and £22,600 respectively, making you better off by £17,300 and £23,300 a year.

Wood fuel chipping service

Our friends at Brendon Hill Tree Services in Taunton offer a contract chipping service and chipper hire service, so what do you need to be able to chip your own biomass wood fuel?

Chipper hire

You will need a fuel grade chipper, suh as a Heizohack HM 10 chipper, which is is available with operator for HIRE. The Heizohack HM10 is powered by a CLAAS Atles 936 and can produce  50-90 cubic metres of wood chips per hour depending on the screen specification.

Two chip sizes are available – G30, G50 and Treco’s boilers need to run on G30 chips.

Transport and delivery options

Transport of chipping machinery can be easily organised. They can offer moving equipment for both the timber and the processed chip if required.

Machinery to include:

  • Claas Atles 936 (260 hp) with Patruna 860 timber crane
  • Heizohack HM 10 500K
  • New Holland LM5060 telehandler
  • 70 cubic foot slewtic bucket
  • Botex 12 ton timber trailer with 560TL loader
  • 35 cubic metre woodchip trailer with blower system
  • Blown deliveries from 1m – 20m.  Can be blown vertically, horizontally and around corners.

If the delivery truck can get within 20 metres, fuel can be delivered with the blower.

Size of delivery vehicles:

  • 8 cubic metre unimog (tipper)
  • 18 cubic metre tipping trailer (8 wheeler)
  • 25 cubic metre tipping trailer (tractor)
  • 50 cubic metre bulka (artic)
  • 92 cubic metre Arctic walking floor
  • 24 foot flat bed trailer to deliver dumpy bags of wood chip

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