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As part of the RHI rules, a provision was made for boilers to be relocated to different sites as well as changing ownership whilst retaining the original RHI tariff. Historically the RHI tariff was at higher levels in comparison to what it is currently set at, so quite often the financial returns can be greater for new customers if they opt for a second hand system over a new one.

An existing customer which Treco installed a Guntamatic Pro 250 for was restructuring their business and selling off assets, with the boiler being one such item. Treco purchased the system, then sold and relocated it to another customers site. This enabled the new customer to benefit from increased RHI payments over and above what a new boiler would generate. This allowed the payback period to be reduced by an estimated 2 years, and will likely increase the RHI payments by £125,000 over the lifetime of the scheme.

Further details on this project can found in the RF Stratton case study, with further information on this sort of project also found on our second hand biomass boiler page.

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