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At Treco, we pride ourselves at our helpful, supportive and transparent service. From speaking to clients from in excess of 700 installations, we realise that’s not the experience everyone has with their biomass boiler installer.

We have complied a list of the things you should ask before you proceed with you install, even if you aren’t using Treco (no hard feelings!). We’ve given you some tips to look out for in the responses too.

1. Can I visit a working installation and take to clients who have gone through the process?

Our response:

We would love to show you one of our working installations and as we are nationwide, there is bound to be one near you.

2. Combining fuel cost savings and expected RHI payments, when should I reach a position where I have paid back the initial installation costs?

Our response:

We have developed RHI calculators. Entering your specific property information and heating requirements will give you an estimated fuel cost saving, expected RHI payments and the period of payback on the initial expenditure.

3. What help and support can I expect with my RHI application and what is your success rate with RHI applications?

Our response:

We can help accelerate your RHI application for a Treco biomass boiler system and supply the right equipment. We have installed and managed hundreds of 100% successful RHI applications and understand Ofgem’s criteria in depth.

4. How long will my RHI accreditation take and when can I expect to start receiving payments?

Our response:

In our many biomass boiler installations with have experienced average accreditation times of six to eight weeks from submission of the application. This can vary depending on accurate submission of relevant paperwork. Our experience can help you get this right first time.

5. How quickly can my biomass boiler be installed and what is the time frame between installation and commissioning?

Our response:

Most of our projects are commissioned within two weeks of installation.

6. Can you recommend biomass fuel suppliers who meet the sustainability criteria for the RHI scheme so I can guarantee a local consistent supply of wood fuel?

Our response:

The government has recently introduced new regulations regarding the wood fuel and the criteria suppliers must meet in order to be used by RHI participants. We have constantly reviewing new regulations and can introduce you to the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) to source local wood fuel.

7. What warranty will I benefit from for the boiler and parts?

Our response:

All our boilers and parts come with two years warranty and Guntamatic has guaranteed that parts for all their current boilers will be available for duration of the 20-year RHI period.

8. If something does go wrong what is the procedure for getting help and how quickly will you respond?

Our response:

If you have a technical or service schedule question regarding your biomass boiler system's installation, call us and our biomass customer support team will be on hand to help.

In the event of a breakdown or any urgent technical assistance required out-of-hours, please call the number above and our messaging service will provide the number of an on-call engineer. We will aim to resolve your issue via telephone support in the first instance, with attendance on site if required.

9. Will I receive training on how to use my new boiler?

Our response:

During the commissioning process, the boiler will be configured to your specification and the fuel of your choice. All associated pumps, valves and controls will be tested for function and set up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications.

We would then take this opportunity to give full client demonstration and training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the newly installed equipment. This will include day to day operation and general maintenance required at customer level.

10. How often will my new boiler need to be serviced?

Our response:

Annual services are an important factor in maintaining your boiler's performance and efficiency. We offer a servicing, maintenance and ongoing technical support contract for all Treco-installed boilers.

This list is by no means exhaustive but it's definitely a good starting point to help you navigate your way through the world of biomass and ensure the installer you have chosen is credible.

The more knowledge and information that can be gained prior to installation, the smoother the process. Some newer biomass boiler companies have come under fire with some negative press. Treco was established in 2005 and has managed in excess of 700 installations. This means we are able to confidently reassure our clients that not all biomass boiler suppliers, installers, commissioner and maintainer are the same.

This length of time and volume of successful installations makes Treco one of the UK’s oldest and most experienced biomass boiler specialists. This means we have literally seen most types of installation scenario and have fitted everything from simple log systems to large-scale district heating systems. This background puts us in good stead to help you to develop the best system for your project.

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