Treco now joins the NFU Farm Energy Service

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What is the NFU Farm Energy Service?

NFU Farm Energy Service is an approved list of renewable energy providers. NFU members can contact the service, gain a list of appropriate suppliers for their farm energy project, with a special 5% discount on the cost of a biomass boiler, or other renewable energy technology.

This gives NFU members the assurance that all suppliers within the Farm Energy Service have been thoroughly vetted. NFU members can therefore be totally confident that they will be dealing with the best quality suppliers on the market. Suppliers who are financially robust and able to give the best service in the renewable energy market.

How does it work?

The prospective customer contacts the farm Energy Centre, who secure permission to pass the customer’s details to an approved supplier or suppliers.

  • If the customer agrees, the Farm Energy Service emails us with the customer's details.
  • If the customer disagrees, Farm Energy Service will provide your details and those of other pertinent suppliers to them. We are asked to contact you and mention NFU Farm Energy.
  • Treco will then be provided with a regular update with the number of enquiries for which the Farm Energy Centre has passed on our details.

If you are an NFU member and are interested in finding out more, please contact the Farm Energy Service directly in the first instance.

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