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With over 12 years’ experience, Treco is one of the UK’s leading biomass boiler suppliers. We are highly experienced in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining this renewable energy technology, and have sold over 700 biomass boiler systems nationwide to date.

Our biomass boilers

We are the importers and suppliers of two of the largest Austrian biomass boiler manufacturers, Guntamatic and Frӧling, who have an extensive range of systems we can offer. We do, however, pride ourselves on providing the most appropriate system for the application, so on occasions we will source other systems that provide a better solution for the end user.

Feel free to browse through our range of biomass boiler systems or give us a call to discuss your requirements, and our team will be able to hand-pick the best biomass boiler for your project.

Guntamatic biomass boilers

Guntamatic are an Austrian manufacturer who have been making state of the art biomass boilers for over 50 years.

Guntamatic Powerchip Biomass Boiler

Froling biomass boilers

Froling are an Austrian boiler manufacturer who have been producing reliable commercial and industrial biomass boilers for over 50 years.

Other biomass boiler manufacturers

We always look to utilise the most appropriate biomass boiler for our clients' application. In some instances neither Guntamatic nor Frӧling offer the correct boiler, so in those instances we search for the most applicable manufacturer to supply your biomass boiler system. As an example, when we need single systems above 1.5MW in size, or WID/IED boiler suitable for burning Grade C hazardous wood waste, we would look to other manufacturers such as Uniconfort. Backed by over 60 years’ experience in the biomass industry with a primary focus on burning waste materials and boilers that go up to 25MW in size, Uniconfort offers a wealth of experience and the most appropriate system for large biomass boiler and waste wood applications.

Uniconfort Global Biomass Boiler

Biomass boiler wholesale supply

Having been in the biomass industry for over 12 years, Treco has earned itself a position of power. We're talking about buying power. We import a wide range of biomass boilers on a regular basis, which means we're able to quote for any scale of project that comes our way. We are keen to help other biomass boiler installers benefit from this. Purchasing biomass boilers directly from us will save you cost and time, while you concentrate on your customers and their project.

Due to the promise we've made to our clients in being able to service their boilers, we also stock a wide range of moving parts to ensure we're equipped for any eventualities. This volume of stock that we hold also means you'll be able to reap the benefits of attaining parts quicker, resulting in happier customers for you.

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Look through our other low carbon technologies

Biomass boilers

Icon of plant growing in hand

Biomass boilers produce heat by burning biological material from a renewable and sustainable source.  Virgin wood is the most common type, but the appropriate biomass boiler can also use waste as a source of fuel.

Combined Heat & Power

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) can be used to generate electric and heat by burning biomass or fossil fuel. Sites that have a high and continuous heat and electric demand will benefit the most from this technology through fuel savings.

Drying systems

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Biomass boilers can be utilised with a drying system to dry products such as crops and wood to increase their value, or alternatively to lower the weight of waste prior to disposal by evaporating water. This is classified as process heat, with some of these being an approved use on the RHI scheme.

District heating

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District heating schemes allow multiple buildings to be supplied heat by a single boiler, thus enabling large savings in installation and operating. These schemes become progressively more cost effective with increased amounts of buildings that are connected.

Treco's RHI calculator

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Try our RHI calculator to work out the fuel cost savings, potential RHI payments & payback you can expect from you biomass project. Developed in house by us, all you have to do is enter your boiler size, installed cost, current fossil fuel usage and your preferred biomass fuel type.

Buying, selling & moving existing biomass boilers

Due to recent changes in the government RHI rates, an older boiler can give you a more lucrative pay back tariff.

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