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General questions

Do you install outside of the United Kingdom?

No, sorry we only install in mainland UK.​

How often do the fuels stores need filling?

This would depend on how often the boiler is used and the heat load requirements. The fuel store should be built to a size so that it only needs to be refilled three or four times a year.

Can biomass be burnt in a smoke controlled area?

Approved biomass fuel can be burnt in a smokeless zone

What is the annual maintenance cost of a Treco biomass boiler?

The annual service of a Treco boiler starts at £440 plus VAT.

How controllable are the boilers? Are they still efficient when ticking over?

They are controllable to 1°C and can run at full 96% efficiency, even when operating at 26% of full capacity. This gives them a high 'turn down ratio', and the boilers can also be 'cascaded', making them suitable for everything from a small district heating scheme to a large hospital.

Are the boilers fully automatically controlled?

​Yes, they use a Touch Screen Control panel which allows you to regulate the temperature, fuel and automatic running of the boiler.

What is so unique about the biomass boilers Treco supply?

Biomass boilers can result in significantly lower heating costs versus fossil fuels, they reduce CO₂ emissions by 96% and help you gain RHI payments. The Guntamatic range of boilers offer high up to 96% efficiencies, are about as automated as possible and offer perfect modulation 26%. Guntamatic also manufacture all of their own parts, which they guarantee will be available for 20 years. 

What type of flue is required for the boilers?

A twin wall stainless steel flue system is required for biomass boilers.

What is the lead time between placing the order to receiving my boiler?

The lead time from payment of deposit is four to six weeks.

Could the boiler be fitted by our own plumber?

Yes, but we recommend that Treco commission the boiler as we will do all the safety checks and set the boiler up for your exact requirements. We also train you in the operation of the boiler.

Do I need a special power supply?

You need a 13 amp power supply for a Guntamatic Biostar and a 16 amp power supply for most other boilers. We also supply circuit breakers and triple phase adaptors.

Please could you send information on any grants that are available?

A good place to start is from our government incentives page, but the website does not represent the complete knowledge of our highly experienced team, so if you’re considering a new project, your best bet is to get in touch with us directly.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer two years on-site warranty. Guntamatic manufacture all of their own parts, which they guarantee will be available for 20 years.

Can you burn shavings used for horse bedding?

We do not recommend the use of horse bedding in Guntamatic boilers as it can contain high levels of ammonia.

Can you burn plastic?

No, not under any circumstances!

What are the benefits of using biomass as a sustainable fuel?

According to the Biomass Energy Centre (now part of, biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is already widely available throughout the UK. Its production and use also brings additional environmental and social benefits. Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

  • Biomass is a 'carbon lean' fuel producing a fraction of the carbon emissions of fossil fuels
  • Biomass can be sourced locally, from within the UK, on an indefinite basis, contributing to security of supply
  • UK sourced biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural economy
  • The establishment of local networks of production and usage, allows financial and environmental costs of transport to be minimised. There is no region in the UK that cannot be a producer of biomass
  • The use of biomass fuel provides an economic incentive to manage woodland which improves biodiversity
  • Many biomass fuels generate lower levels of such atmospheric pollutants as sulphur dioxide, that contributes to 'acid rain'
  • Biomass residues, co-products and waste not used for energy, or some other application will usually rot. This will generate CO₂ in any case, and may also produce methane (CH₄), a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent that CO₂.

Biomass is a smart choice

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