Treco’s commercial RHI assistance

Treco can offer you assistance with gaining Commercial RHI accreditation for your project and has successfully managed a large number of our applications for our clients. Find out more about how we can make the process smooth, quick and easy on this page.

Basic and full assistance packages

To make things easier for you, increase your chances of accreditation into the commercial RHI and speed up the process, Treco now offers two Commercial RHI support packages for biomass boiler applications. This assistance only extends to applications featuring biomass boiler heating systems supplied by Treco.

Commercial RHI basic support

Within this package, Treco will provide applicants with assistance in making their own application. You will need to collate the following information and supply to Ofgem with your application:

1. A letter of authorisation from the applying organisation

2. A recent bank statement

A statement clearly showing the address of the organisation you are applying on behalf of, your name, the date, your account number and sort code (please blank out all financial information and send this directly to Renewable Heat Incentive, Accreditation Team, Ofgem, 9 Millbank, London, SWIP 3GE).

3. Rate bills for the property/properties

The rate bill is for where the boiler is connected to (council tax/business rates/ tax exemption letter).

4. The answer to HI120

Information on the Building/s rates (council tax/business rates/ tax exempt), their uses and their basic structure for example this could read: Barn 1 is used as office space for the farm and is tax exempt Barn 2 is a holiday cottage and pays business rates Farm Cottage is solely domestic use and pays council tax. All the buildings listed are permanent stone structures fully enclosed on all sides.

5. Information on the plant that the biomass installation has replaced:

  • Fuel type & capacity in kW
  • If you have left one of these plants in or added a new plant as a back up to the biomass boiler, Treco will require information on this so it may accurately be shown in a schematic.

6. Treco will then provide you with the following to include in your application:

  • Schematics (of the boiler room and, if appropriate, a pipe run layout 
  • Proof of your fuel requirements
  • Evidence that any meters supplied by Treco meet the standard required 
  • The answer to HK120 – “Please provide a description of your installation, including the make & model of the main components. For further details of the information that should be included here, please refer to our Guide to supporting information for RHI applicants” 
  • Assistance with any questions asked about your application 
  • A final review of your application before submission

Commercial RHI full support

Within our RHI full support package, Treco will take over your application for you and manage all of the aspects in the basic package directly, as opposed to providing assistance for you to make the application.

How does this work?

1. You will need to add Treco as an additional user to your RHI account in order to give us access to Ofgem's online system to enable us to fill in the application form.

2. You will then still need to collate the information and documentation outlined above,but supply to Treco instead of directly to Ofgem. We will then supply this information to Ofgemon your behalf. We will also provide a Treco assessment as to whether an independent metering report is required for your system. If required, Treco will undertake an independent metering report, but this may come at an extra cost.

3. Treco will then ask you to do a final read through of your application before signing the declaration and we will submit your application.

Actions by Treco

The actions by Treco within the full RHI support package are the same as with the basic RHI support package, but we will complete the application for you and deal with any questions from Ofgem.

Please call or email us to discuss how we can help with your project.

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