Wood Pellets

Treco are now offering wood pellet fuel contracts. Contact us today to see if we can save you money on your fuel bills.

Wood pellets are a biomass fuel made from compressed sawdust, produced as a waste product from sawmills. Their shape is achieved by compression at the pellet processing plant and their shiny surface is from the natural glues found in the sawdust.

Wood pellets should be Accredited to the ENPlus A1 or A2 Standard, 5-30mm in length, 5-6mm in diameter, with a water content of 8-10% and ash content of 0.5%. This gives a bulk weight of 650kg/m³ and produces 4.9kWh of heat per kg.

We recommend only using HETAS/ Woodsure quality-assured suppliers, to get the most heat and least hassle for your money. As with wood chips, a good starting point is the Biomass Suppliers' List. Their interactive map enables you to zoom in and locate suppliers in your area and filter by fuel type and accreditation.

Details on biomass boilers that can burn this type of fuel can be found on our wood pellet boiler page, you can also find out about our entire range by going to our biomass boiler page.

Wood pellets should be stored in purpose-built and enclosed stores with an access and inspection hatch. External filler tubes support the usually ‘blown’ delivery of pellets – delivered by tanker in a similar manner to oil.

The table below gives an overview of the relative densities per cubic metre, CO² emitted per kWh of heat generated and how many units of heat in kWh may be gained from different biomass fuels.

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