Lambdamat biomass boiler

RHI approved for virgin chip, pellets, as well as Grade A and B recycled wood, the Froling Lambdamat is an innovative combustion technology that is able to burn wood chips, shavings and pellets. This biomass heating system also offers a high level of convenience and operational reliability.

Froling Lambdamat

Froling's Lambdamat is a unique, fully automatic heating system for burning wood chips, shavings and pellets. It not only offers innovative combustion technology, but also a high level of convenience and operational reliability.

The Lambdamat offers pioneering wood heating technology to meet the highest demands. Technology that has been proven time and again has gone into the development of this product. State-of-the-art conveyor grate technology takes care of automatic rust cleaning and removal of ashes ensuring  essentially maintenance-free operation.

But convenience is not the only aspect in which the Lambdamat stands unmatched. The high temperature centrifugal chamber means high efficiency and clean, safe combustion. A complete concept leaving nothing to be desired!

Ranging from 320kW to 1MW, the special combustion chamber shape featured in the Froling Lambdamat Communal is ideal for burning damp fuel (up to 50% water content possible) and high bark content. The hydraulic conveyor grate continuously transports the fuel through the combustion chamber, ensuring that even heavy fuels are completely burned. Next to full loading by feed screws, this boiler technology can also be supplied with a hydraulic loading system.

Information on other systems in our range can be found on the biomass boilers page.

Innovative design, outstanding benefits

Multi-way heat exchanger


• Generously sized heat exchanger surfaces

• Large maintenance apertures

Twin-tunnel vault 


• Complete combustion of fuels with higher water content

• Multiple horizontal redirection

4-shell retort construction


• Highest possible efficiency

• Clean combustion

Moving feed grate with primary air intake


Automatic grate cleaning

Maintenance-free operation

High-temperature chamber


• Large combustion zone

• Long combustion time

Hydraulically moved feed grate with primary air intake


• Constant fuel transport

• Complete combustion for difficult fuel qualities

Secondary air intakes


• Ideal combustion

• Control of combustion temperature

Tertiary air apertures 


• Higher efficiency

• Lower emissions


  • High efficiency up to 94.2%
  • Heat output range: 750kW-1500kW
  • High temperature combustion chamber with moving grate
  • No cinder build up
  • Low dust emissions
  • Combustion optimisation
  • Very low emissions
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Service-friendly sturdy design

Heat exchanger

Multi-functional heat exchanger which features large heat exchanger surfaces. Convenient maintenance is ensured by large and easy to reach cleaning and maintenance openings.

Combustion chamber

Multi-layer high temperature combustion chamber for high efficiency and clean combustion.

Conveyor grate

The hydraulically operated conveyor grate with primary air intake system keeps the fuel moving continuously and ensures complete burn-out (even with heavy fuels).

Ash bin

Fully automatic ash removal.

Secondary air openings

The secondary air openings ensure optimum combustion and a complete burn-out.

Tertiary air vents

Tertiary air vents for increased efficiency during combustion. The fully controlled flue gas re-circulation AGR (optional) optimises burning (output, emissions etc.) with particularly demanding fuels.

Double tunnel vault

The double tunnel vault guarantees the optimum burn-out of fuels with a high water content.

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