Guntamatic PRO biomass boiler

The PRO series offers highly economical and future-proof heating convenience using pellets and wood chips. Their modular design enables these systems to be offered with an output range of up to 1MW, and makes them suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Guntamatic PRO

There are many features and benefits of a Guntamatic PRO 175kW-1MW biomass boiler.

Highly efficient combustion

Fuel is gasified with a staged supply of primary air under ideal ember bed temperature conditions. The amount of combustion air and fuel charge is regulated by means of a lambda probe, so that the system achieves an optimum level of efficiency. The system is able to achieve up to 94% efficiency with an output of 26%-100%. This ultimately leads to reduced fuel consumption, more heat for your money and a more complete burn. The released combustion gases are cleanly converted into thermal energy by mixing them with secondary air in a large rotating combustion zone at a temperature of around 1300°C. The well proven cupola design enables a perfect burnout and long dwell times.

Pioneering control

Operating the PRO industrial system is especially easy thanks to the well thought out and user friendly touch-screen interface. All settings and scans of system data can be made in just a few steps.

Modular design

Every section of the PRO industrial system can be handled by means of a pallet truck. Its assembly is perfectly straightforward. There are no long-winded assembly and installation steps to undertake.

Flexible application options

Apart from their safety and economy, PRO systems offer further advantages, such as their flexible discharge solutions and the option of heating with a choice of biomass fuel – wood pellets and wood chips.

Durable quality

In order to ensure that our appliances meet our high quality aspirations and those of our demanding customers, Guntamatic manufactures them completely and exclusively, using the best possible materials in its state-of-the-art Austrian factory.

Industrial step grate technology

Self-cleaning step grates allow users to set the ember bed height and boiler output subject to demand and relevant fuel, without risking slag forming inside the boiler. The moving step grate keeps the primary air slots clean, ensures optimum combustion and also that ash is correctly discharged.

High grade components

In cleaning mode, the turbulators inside the vertically-arranged heat exchangers move up and down. This prevents deposits that reduce efficiency and consistently safeguards low flue gas losses. This feature also ensures that the boilers can operate for exceptionally long periods without requiring servicing or cleaning. All critical zones inside the boiler are cleaned automatically.

Pro biomass boiler plant room design

Highest operational reliability

Two discharge screw conveyors, operating independently of each other, guarantee the redundant and reliable pellet discharge from the storage room. Precise dosing, in conjunction with a specially developed industrial vacuum turbine, ensures totally reliable transportation into the 500 litre cyclone hopper. Pellets enter the combustion chamber via a pellet sluice that completely prevents any back-burning or back-smouldering.

Biomass fuel swept by agitator

Efficient technology

PRO fuel discharge systems feature highly efficient helical geared motors with up to 92% or higher gear efficiency, made in series and proven in large numbers. Progressive screw conveyor technology, optimised sprung arm agitators and trough geometry plus a programmed overload monitor safeguard efficiency and operational reliability for standard wood chips G30 and G50.


  • Ecologically sound and highly efficient: up to 94% efficiency
  • Industrial step grate technology for regulated ember bed temperature
  • Extremely large self-cleaning heat exchanger in proven cupola design
  • Long operating cycles without service or cleaning
  • Modular design for the highest operational reliability
  • Standard industrial product for quick availability
  • Clever safety concept with protection against back burning and temperature monitoring of the fuel store
  • Excellent quality and components tested several times
  • First class spare parts service from our own production
  • Large LED operating display
  • Straightforward operation thanks to user-centred touchscreen interface design
  • External access via PC or mobile (option)
  • Automatic ash discharge with moveable ash box or fully automatic vacuum ash discharge into a 200 litre drum (option)
  • Modular construction for easy handling and installation
  • First class spare parts supply resulting from series production in house
  • Fault menu and separate component tests make analysis and service easier
  • Optimum accessibility for service and maintenance

Information on other systems in our range can be found on the biomass boilers page.

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